Our Vision

TERC’s Using Data provides online professional development courses for district leaders, school administrators, and teachers to help them use data effectively—in ways that can lead to positive changes in organizational culture, instructional pedagogy, and classroom practices. Our training can help educators mine a variety of reliable data to uncover specific learning problems, verify the causes of the learning problems, and develop instructional solutions and monitoring plans to address these gaps. The result is a cultural shift toward data-informed decision-making, instructional excellence, and shared responsibility for the success of all students.

TERC’s Using Data courses consist of a series of essential skills, tools, and strategies to help educators understand and maximize the power of their student learning data. Our training model spans all grade levels and content areas and aims to:

  • Create strong data leadership,
  • Build effective data coaches and highly-engaged, collaborative data teams,
  • Maximize use of district and school resources,
  • Create a culture of data-informed instruction.

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