Welcome to the TERC's Using Data! As of January 2016, TERC has ceased to offer face-to-face Using Data workshops. We are, however, offering online professional development through our partner, Knowledge Delivery Systems. You can find information about our online PD course below.

Diana Nunnaley, formerly of TERC, is offering face-to-face workshops based on the TERC Using Data program through her new venture, Using Data Solutions LLC. You can reach Diana via email at diananunnaley@usingdatasolutions.org or by phone at 774-993-2005.

Using Data for Meaningful Classroom Change : An Online Course

TERC has transitioned our successful Using Data For Meaningful Change online course to a new platform with updated content and fresh perspectives on best practices related to data literacy and continuous improvement. Using Data For Meaningful Classroom Changetargets classroom-level, data-informed decision-making to improve teaching and learning.