Who We Are

We are experienced quantitative and qualitative researchers with expertise grounded in theory and practice spanning STEM education. We understand the affordances and constraints of different methods and approaches, can design instruments and studies, collect and analyze data, and report results—whether they are highly nuanced descriptions of a phenomenon, multi-faceted comparisons of outcomes, or evidence of causal impact.

Audrey Martinez-Gudapakkam  

Research Associate
Ed.M. in International Education Policy, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Interests: Broadening participation in STEM among minorities, Early childhood math learning, Family engagement in STEM learning, Teacher professional development, Informal education 

Eric Hochberg

Senior Researcher
Ph.D. in Education Policy, University of Pennsylvania
Interests: Education policy, Professional development, Mathematics and science curriculum and instruction, STEM integration with the Arts, Evaluation of online programs and products

Jim Hammerman

Co-Director of SEEC / Senior Researcher and Evaluator
Ed.D. in Learning and Teaching, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Interests: K-12 math education and teacher professional development, Evaluation and research methods and design, Adult development, Data and statistics learning, Technology for inquiry learning, Science education evaluation

Karen Mutch-Jones

Co-Director of SEEC / Senior Researcher and Evaluator
Ed.D. in Learning and Teaching, Harvard Graduate School of Education 
Interests: Broadening participation in STEM, Curricular access for students with disabilities, Teacher professional development, Science/computer science education 


Michael Cassidy

Senior Researcher
Ph.D. in Educational Theory and Practice, University of Georgia
Interests: Computational thinking, Middle grades education, Design-based research, Teacher professional learning, STEM education evaluation


Rachel Hayes   

Work Unit Manager for SEEC / Project Manager for the Early Algebra Projects
B.A. in Business Administration, Chonnam National University, South Korea
Interests: Building collaborative relationships, Proposals and grants management

Sabrina De Los Santos

Research and Development Associate
Ed.M. Technology, Innovation and Education, Harvard Graduate School of Education
Interests: Design and evaluation of education technologies in K-12, Informal education, User experience design, STEM education in underrepresented populations, Family engagement 

Santiago Gasca

Research Associate
M.A. in Child and Human Development, Tufts University
Interests: Mixed methods research, Survey development, STEM education in under represented populations


Our Collaborating Evaluators

Carla McAuliffe
Debra Bernstein
Judy Storeygard
Lily Ko
Martha Merson
Mia Ong
Myriam Steinbeck 
Rena Stroud
Traci Higgins

Former Evaluators:

Annette Sassi
Elisabeth Sylvan
Ethan Contini-Field
Jon Christiansen
Lindsay Demers
Melissa Leung
Polly Hubbard
Sheralyn Dash
Sneha Veeragoudar Harrell