Sounds of the Ocean

JASON Learning is creating “Sounds of the Ocean”, a standards- and curriculum-aligned high school physics module on waves and sound featuring Navy-related STEM role models, and designed by leading acoustics instructors and STEM educators. The Navy STEM role models will provide career context for teaching core disciplinary ideas and applications of acoustics. Students will engage with these role models to build knowledge and skills, develop an understanding of and interest in the Navy, and work on solutions to challenges the Navy will face in the future.

TERC will implement a mixed-methods descriptive research study to evaluate how a purposeful sample of teachers implement and use the “Sounds of the Ocean” educative curriculum materials, and how their comfort level and attitudes increase in relation to curriculum usage and project goals. In conjunction with these teacher outcomes, we will study increases in student learning, and increases in student interest and attitudes towards project goals.

Clients and Collaborators:

JASON Learning, Office of Naval Research


Office of Naval Research

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Michael Cassidy, Santiago Gasca