Sheralyn Dash

Senior Researcher


Dr. Sheralyn Dash is an educational psychologist who specializes in measurement and evaluation, with a particular focus on culturally responsive evaluation.

For more than a decade, Sheralyn has worked on social and educational research projects that converge on the common themes of promoting evidence-based praxis and improving academic and social outcomes for students. Sheralyn has helped to conduct large-scale evaluation and impact studies that investigated the effects of online professional development on teachers’ content knowledge, pedagogical practices, and the academic achievement of their students. Additionally, Sheralyn has international experience that includes serving as the Measurement and Evaluation Consultant for a USAID-funded five-country collaborative that aimed to promote entrepreneurship, work readiness, and financial literacy among youth in the Eastern Caribbean. Prior to becoming a researcher, Sheralyn taught at the elementary level in Barbados.

 In her spare time, Sheralyn is a peer reviewer for a number of education-related academic journals. She has also been involved in a reading program for youth in Boston.


Ph.D. in Educational Psychology, Howard University


Design and implementation of monitoring, evaluation and impact studies
Mixed methods research
Culturally responsive evaluation
Investigating interventions designed to improve teaching and learning in STEM education


Adopting Research-based Instructional Strategies for Enhancing STEM Education (ARISE)
EcoXPT (Learning about Ecosystems Science and Complex Causality through Experimentation in a Virtual World)
Evaluating the Developing Mathematical Ideas (DMI) Professional Development Program
Indiana Science Initiative (ISI)

Curriculum Vitae