Rachel Hayes

Work Unit Manager / Project Manager


As SEEC’s work unit manager, Ms. Rachel Hayes manages administrative and organizational systems of the center and its research and evaluation projects. In addition, Rachel oversees budgets and financial information for TERC’s Early Algebra projects, including Project LEAP. Before joining TERC in 2007, Rachel was an academic advisor for the Advising and Counseling Center and the Student Success Program at Bunker Hill Community College. 

Rachel loves to read and is an avid Red Sox and Patriots fan. 


B.A. in Business Administration, Chonnam National University, South Korea


Building collaborative relationships
Proposals and grants management


Learning Trajectories in Grades K-2 Children's Understanding of Algebraic Relationships
The Impact of Early Algebra on Students' Algebra Readiness 
The Impact of a Teacher-Led Early Algebra Intervention on Children's Algebra-Readiness for Middle School 
Retention of Early Algebraic Understanding