BioTeach was a multi-year effort by MassBioEd to provide biotechnology lab materials and professional development supports to high school teachers across Massachusetts. In different years, BioTeach also included a mobile lab that travelled to schools to demonstrate labs, work with the Boston Museum of Science, and development of a Life Sciences Career Development (LSCD) program to encourage students to consider careers in science. TERC served as a formative and summative evaluator, providing evidence of success, descriptions of issues to address, and recommendations for improvement. TERC's evaluation helped MassBioEd improve the program, solicit additional funding from its corporate partners, and fulfill its reporting obligations to the US Department of Labor.

Clients and Collaborators:

Massachusetts Biotechnology Education Foundation (MassBioEd)


US Department of Labor (Years 1-3); MassBioEd (Year 4)

Our Role:


Project Staff:

Jim Hammerman, Polly Hubbard, Karen Mutch-Jones

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