Part 1: Create an account

You will need a Scratch account to create, save, and share your Scratch projects. The steps below will walk you through creating a new account and setting up your profile.



Follow this link to the Scratch Educators page:


Scroll down and click on the "Request Account" button. 


Complete the steps and check your email for approval (this may take up to a full day)!


The above information comes from the Creative Computing Teacher Guide: 

Part 2: Practice with Scratch

  1. Select “create” on the top left of the screen.
    You will see the staging area (how your program will look) and to the right of that, the blocks and then the place for writing the scripts that will run your program.

  2. On the menu bar of the Scratch page there is a button for “tips,” select that. A set of tutorials will slide out on the right. Get started by selecting “Getting Started with Scratch.”

    After you have completed the first tutorial, complete the other 12! (This will probably take you about 1 ½ - 2 ½ hours.  You might want to break this into a couple of sessions.)
    If you have questions, try going to the “discuss” button on the main Scratch page and search for forum topics that address your question.
    [Note: The forums can be a valuable resource for students, so it is good to get to know how to use them.]

  3. Choose one thing you made and upload it to the studio we created! 

Part 3: Explore the Teacher guide

Download the Guide if you haven’t already and scan the table of contents. 

Read through Unit 4: Games ( and try creating something if you’re so inclined!)