Curriculum Development Resources

  • Developing Instructional Units: Applying What Students Learn
  • Curriculum for Adults Learning Math (CALM) incorporates the CCRSAE content standards as well as the Standards for Mathematical Practice. It also clearly addresses the key instructional shifts: focus, coherence, and rigor. CALM does not include every single standard, but rather focuses on those key standards needed for adults to be successful math thinkers. CALM follows a coherent continuum that helps students developmentally progress through math topics by making connections among different math content. And, CALM addresses all three aspects of rigor: conceptual understanding, application, and procedural skill and fluency. Learn more about CALM and CALM support professional development at

New to the College and Career Readiness Mathematics Standards for Adult Education?

CCR Math Intro Video_2016 from Adult Numeracy Center at TERC on Vimeo.

Building a Curriculum orientation video

Building a Curriculum from Adult Numeracy Center at TERC on Vimeo.

Standards & Frameworks References

NOTE: the resource marked with an asterisk is an excerpt from the report College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (U.S. Department of Education, Office of Vocational and Adult Education). Download the full report here.