Our offerings are grouped into three categories: 

Content-focusedPedagogy-focused, and Teaching Tools.

Choosing the button in each category will take you to a page with specific details about each offering, including schedule, delivery method (face-to-face/online/blended), and prerequisites (if applicable).

If you have questions about any of our offerings, or need other types of math program support, please contact adultnumeracy@terc.edu.

Our events cover a range of topics, including math areas like fractions that often pose particular difficulty for teachers and students.

Content-focused offerings

  • Building a Solid Foundation
  • Exploring Data (in development)
  • Exploring Exponents
  • Exploring Linear Functions (in development)
  • Exploring Linear Inequalities (in development)
  • Exploring Systems of Equations (in development)
  • Making Sense of Data
  • Making Sense of Fractions
  • Making Sense of Proportional Reasoning
  • Math Concepts

Teaching Tool offerings

  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Number Line Concepts
  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Area Models
  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Singapore Strips

Pedagogy-focused offerings

  • Aligning Math Curriculum with the CCRSAE
  • CCRSAE Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Instructional Shifts for the CCRSAE for Mathematics
  • Integrating Math into ESOL Units
  • Mathematizing ESOL series
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Analyzing Student Work
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Parallel Tasks
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Questioning Techniques
  • Research-Based Adult Numeracy Study Circle