Our offerings are grouped into three categories: 

Content-focusedPedagogy-focused, and Teaching Tools.

Choosing the button in each category will take you to a page with specific details about each offering, including schedule, delivery method (face-to-face/online/blended), and prerequisites (if applicable).

If you have questions about any of our offerings, or need other types of math program support, please contact our director Donna Curry or our project manager Sherry Soares.

Our events cover a range of topics, including math areas like fractions that often pose particular difficulty for teachers and students.

Content-focused offerings

  • Building a Solid Foundation
  • Exploring Data (in development)
  • Exploring Exponents
  • Exploring Linear Functions (in development)
  • Exploring Linear Inequalities (in development)
  • Exploring Systems of Equations (in development)
  • Making Sense of Data
  • Making Sense of Fractions
  • Making Sense of Proportional Reasoning
  • Math Concepts

Teaching Tool offerings

  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Number Line Concepts
  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Area Models
  • Using Visuals to Develop Conceptual Understanding: Singapore Strips

Pedagogy-focused offerings

  • Aligning Math Curriculum with the CCRSAE
  • CCRSAE Standards for Mathematical Practice
  • Instructional Shifts for the CCRSAE for Mathematics
  • Integrating Math into ESOL Units
  • Mathematizing ESOL series
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Analyzing Student Work
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Parallel Tasks
  • Multi-level Math Classroom Strategies: Questioning Techniques
  • Research-Based Adult Numeracy Study Circle