The REVEAL project was a collaboration of many bright minds from varied disciplines and institutions, including researchers and educators at OMSI, math education experts, advisors and consultants, and community partners.

Principal Investigators

Marcie Benne, OMSI

Scott Pattison, OMSI

Andee Rubin, TERC

Lynn Dierking, OMSI 

Project Team

Elizabeth Andanen, OMSI

Ivel Gontan, OMSI

Scott Randol, OMSI

Crosby Bromley, OMSI

Chris Cunningham, OMSI

Kate Nuhring, OMSI

Research Oversight Committee

Cecilia Garibay, Garibay Group

Michael Coe, Cedar Lake Research Group

Josh Gutwill, Exploratorium



Oregon State University

ScienceWorks Hands-On Museum

Adelante Mujeres

Culturally Responsive Research Coaches

Cecilia Garibay, Garibay Group

Laura Huerta-Migus, Association of Children’s Museums



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