How to attach documents as part of a comment


To attach a document as part of a comment, open the comment field as described in the “Leaving a comment” how-to.

Click on the “+” icon in the comment control bar:




This will open a dropdown menu. Click on the “Attachment” option:




This will open a popup window titled “Insert Link”. Ignore the menu on the lefthand side, and ignore the contents of the “link text” box, for now. To upload your attachment, click on “choose file”:




This will open a standard file selection window (it may be different on different operating systems) from which you can select the file you wish to attach. Once you have selected the file, it will appear on the list of attachments already on the page. Make sure you have the correct file selected:




When finished, this attachment will appear as a link in your comment. If you want the text of that link to be something other than the name of the attached file, you can change it in the “Link Text” box:




When you are ready, click “Insert”, and the popup will disappear, leaving you with the attachment as a link in your comment. The attachment will also show up in the page’s main attachment list, should you wish to find it that way.