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Team Spaces - These are the online laboratories for each team participating in the challenge. Team members will use them to document their progress, exchange ideas and information, and store their notes. 

When facing a challenge unlike anything in the history of human civilization, we need solutions that are, in a word, innovative. Innovate to Mitigate is a new kind of climate action to address this challenge. This website supports you and your team as you compete to create a new and scalable way to reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. You may invent a more efficient way to generate clean energy, or find a more effective way to save energy on a large scale. You may even figure out how to pull CO2 out of the air and lock it away from the carbon cycle.

The goal is to think outside the box. You will begin with something that inspires you, and that we know works at least at some level. You might investigate how it could work at a larger level. For example, take this cool prototype from Treehugger:

This simple project uses microbes from a local water source to generate a small amount of electricity, while also providing a pleasing fishbowl. This concept might ordinarily be dismissed as just a fascinating curiosity that is too small to have any practical value. A student team, however might decide to transform it into a way for anybody with a nearby water source to make a real difference in the fight to slow climate change!

You will create your own team, combining common interests and an ability to work towards a winning design. Each team will have a local adult sponsor to help with logistics, and a graduate student mentor to help provide some of the expertise and understanding that comes with years of study. A team of expert scientists and engineers will be on hand to  further support your team if needed.

This challenge provides a new frontier! You will help in the fight to slow global climate change, and you will motivate innovation. At the same time, you and your team mates will learn science as you pursue the application of what you're learning!

If you want to get involved, contact us here, check out the links below, and Find us on Facebook and Twitter!



Management and Funding

Innovate to Mitigate is created and facilitated by the Center for School Reform at TERC. This site is supported by the National Science Foundation. Opinions expressed on this site are those of the contributors and not necessarily those of the Foundation.