This page is a work in progress. My intent is to have a number of visual elements to draw the eyes of participants and would-be participants.

We can use household waste to generate fuel!
A lot of talk about individual climate action has centered around things like conserving energy, but the real problem is where the energy we use comes from. Biogas is brilliant because it can take any organic material, from human and pet waste, to kitchen scraps, to yard waste, and turn it into fuel for cooking, heating, or even generating electricity or driving small engines! The beauty of this is that all the material used to create this gas is from the biosphere system, which means that at worst, using it releases carbon that was only recently pulled out of the atmosphere, so it doesn't add to global climate change. Sewage treatment plants, farms, and even individual homes around the world are already using this, and the technology is simple enough that you can too!

Replacing plastics with fungus
This is a company that has developed away to replace an incredibly wide variety of products with different strains of mushrooms, grown on agricultural waste. Not only do they replace a number of petroleum products ranging from plastics to adhesives, they do so by pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere, so it's a double win. On top of that, the resulting material could be used as compost, or even as feedstock for a biogas generator!

DIY biochar
This youtube channel has a couple of instructional videos, including one about how to make biochar for carbon sequestration, for soil enhancement, or both!

Turn pennies into batteries!
This slideshow covers how to take pennies (which are pretty easy to come by) and turn them into batteries, simply by exploiting the materials that they're made out of.

Use easily available materials and wetland muck to generate electricity
This how-to gives you the basic "recipe" for a microbial fuel cell, that uses the bacteria of a wetland to generate a small amount of electricity (with potential to become a larger amount)!