About Innovate to Mitigate

Innovate to Mitigate is a crowd-sourced innovation challenge for high school students. The goal of this project is to provide resources and support for students who want to take action on climate change, and who want to develop new ways to deal with the problem. Teams of students work together to develop a working prototype that will, in some way, reduce greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere. This covers a wide array of options. It could mean pulling CO2 out of the atmosphere, or it could mean preventing it from ever entering the atmosphere. It could be an entirely new technique or technology, or it could be a new way to use or combine old technologies. 

With the current changes in our global climate, we are facing a challenge unlike anything in the history of our species. The mitigation of climate change is an area in which every new idea is needed, and we need new people working to develop them. Rather than focusing on educating youth about climate change, Innovate to Mitigate engages them in mitigating climate change by supporting their learning as they develop their prototypes, and providing the materials and advice they need to create them. 

This project is funded by the National Science Foundation, and is conducted by TERC inc., a private, non-profit educational research corporation that has a long history of improving science education for learners of all ages. TERC’s mission is to improve mathematics and science education. TERC works at the frontiers of theory and practice to contribute to a deeper understanding of learning and teaching; enhance instruction through teacher professional development; develop applications of new technologies to education; create curricula and other products; and support reform in both school and informal settings.