Current Project Team

  • Scott Pattison, TERC 
  • Gina Svarovsky, University of Notre Dame
  • Cynthia Smith, MHCC Head Start
  • Pam Corrie, MHCC Head Start
  • Annie Douglass, OMSI
  • Verónika Núñez, OMSI
  • Raquel Stewart, OMSI
  • Marcie Benne, OMSI
  • Smirla Ramos-Montañez, OMSI


         Members of the Head Start on Engineering project team.

The team is grateful to the many individuals and organizations that have supported HSE over the years, including Joyce Alexander, Lorena Alexandrou, Sue Allen, Heidi Anderson-Rubin, Dawn Barberis, Maureen Callanan, Monica Cardella, Kevin Crowley, Christine Cunningham, Lynn Dierking, Marissa Ethridge, Sherine Gerges, Ivel Gontan, Tonya Heiser, Laura Huerta-Migus, Emily Maletz, Andrew Mashburn, Colleen Meacham, Laurie Mortenson, Sasha Palmquist, Smirla Ramos-Montañez, Nahed Salib, Tressa Shaw, Carrie Schulz, Debbie Sigler, Emily Solonika, Raquel Stewart, Bill Straits, Betsy Suarez, Mallary Swartz, Mary Troutt, Shannon Weiss, Jennifer Wilson, Joanne VanMol, and Monae Verbeke. Most of all, thank you to the children and families that have participated in and contributed to this project.

Head Start on Engineering is funded in part by the National Science Foundation (DRL-1515628), Oregon Community Foundation, Collins Foundation, Boeing Corporation, University of Notre Dame, and Juan Young Trust. Any opinions, findings, and conclusions or recommendations expressed in this material are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the funders.