Cadettes "tell the world" how to save energy to help fight climate change by planning, creating, and then sharing videos, animations, or video games! They develop communication and technology skills, and take leadership by communicating about energy conservation to their communities.

Get Inspired

Check out the following examples and get inspired to make your own Tell the World product!

Live-Action Video Example

Still-Frame Video Example (This link opens in YouTube)

Online Media Tools

There are a number of online tools and resources that can help get you started in producing and sharing your Tell the World video, animation, or game. Here are a couple of examples:

ABC Ya - Draw animations online and save them to a computer as slide-show files.

Scratch — Program video games and share them online.

Online Safety

Girl Scouts provides various forms and support materials important to online safety for girls. Some are provided here. Check out the Girl Scouts website for more.

Girl Scouts Internet Safety Pledge

Photo, Press, Audio and Electronic Media Release Permissions Form (doc)