Rethinking How to Teach Energy: Laying the Foundations in Elementary School is funded by NSF Awards 1002013 and 1002020 to TERC and Clark University.

Dr. Sara Lacy is a Senior Scientist at TERC and PI of the NSF grant, Rethinking How to Teach Energy. She has developed science curriculum for K-12 students (The Inquiry Project, Physics That Works) and for in-service K-8 teachers (The Fulcrum Institute, TERC/Lesley Masters in Science Education).



Dr. Marianne Wiser is Associate Professor and Chair of the Psychology Department at Clark University and PI of the NSF grant, Rethinking How to Teach Energy. She has designed computer based curricular units for heat and temperature and worked extensively on a matter learning progression and its relation to the standards.




Sally Crissman, Senior Science Educator at TERC, has extensive experience with teacher professional development and science instructional materials for delivery via the web including The Inquiry Project, and the Fulcrum Institute. She brings 40 years of classroom experience as an elementary science teacher.



Dr. Roger Tobin is Professor and Chair of the Department of Physics and Astronomy at Tufts University. Dr. Tobin was Co-PI of the Inquiry Project, PI of the NSF-funded Fulcrum Institute and has been co-PI of the NSF-funded Poincaré Institute for Mathematics Education.