Value of data: Transects are a general purpose research tool used in many kinds of ecological studies. Your transects can serve as a "base camp" for many local studies, for example for studies of frequency of invasive species, insect damage, or measures of forest composition or productivity.  We will be adding new protocols for such studies during the spring of 2017.

These data will be of use in several ways. First, they will add to your site's growing longitudinal data set, and your knowledge of your study site. Second, the studies you conduct using the transects will contribute to Manomet's research on local species' response to climate change, for example studies of leaf-out and leaf expansion. Finally, such data will be useful as a contribution to national or regional phenology projects, such as the National Phenology Network's Nature's Notebook.

Estimated time required:

One class period to cover the theory, one to set up the transect, plus time for taking measurements, depending on what you're measuring. 

Research Questions:

These will depend on what you're using the transect to study. The transect itself is a valuable scientific tool and practice. 


Science Practices: 1,8