Brian Drayton is Co-Director of the Center for School Reform, and co-leader of TERC's Life Sciences Initiative. Over the past 25 years, Drayton has conducted research on science pedagogy, helped create and research electronic communities for science education, and developed curriculum materials for middle and high school. TERC curricula related to climate change include the Global Lab; Ecology: a systems approach, and Biocomplexity for a habitable planet.

Gilly Puttick is currently a co-leader of the Life Sciences Initiative at TERC. Since 1991, Puttick has conducted research on science teaching and learning, developed life science curricula for elementary, middle and high school, and designed professional development programs for middle and high school science teachers. The Life Sciences Initiative at TERC is currently analyzing the peer-reviewed literature to understand the nature of students' encounters with living systems through laboratory and field experiences. The goal is to develop an integrated K-13 progression in life sciences curriculum and associated teacher professional development.

Abe Drayton, Research Associate

Abe Drayton is a free-lance writer and science educator who has worked on BAC-NE since 2010. He graduated with a degree in biology from Earlham College in 2007, and since then has worked in various positions, including several months with the Wisc. DNR. investigating the ranges of snake species of conservation interest. He maintains a blog on climate change: Oceanoxia