This page contains links and other resources pertaining to climate change and climate change education.
Wherever possible, the sources link to a full article. Some articles are behind a permissions wall, but should at least have an abstract available.

Climate Lab

A collaboration between TERC and Manomet to engage students in data collection as part of a long-term climate change research and education project. Other resources here.

Climate education in New England

Informal educational institutions with climate education programs.

Phenology Networks

Regional and national networks keeping track of phenology and phenological changes.

Reading Materials

Books, websites, and articles pertaining to climate change and climate change ecology.

Vocabulary and Terms

Definitions of commonly used words and terms pertaining to climate change and climate change ecology.

Climate Change Basics and Resources for Answering Climate Skeptics

Articles and websites to help counter the various bits of misinformation about climate change that are commonly circulated.

Activities and Curriculum Materials

Activities and materials that can be used to teach about climate change in a New England context.

Biosphere and Climate article archive

This archive contains all the articles that are periodically posted on the home page of this website.

Science Briefs

This section contains briefs on various aspects of climate change ecology in New England.