Climate Lab project selector

This page is designed to help you plan realistically how your class will participate in the Climate Lab project, starting from the scientific research that you decide to undertake.  
It will enable you to design curriculum choices, plan for field work, and set up systems so that the data you collect is reported in a timely and useful fashion to the Climate Lab team. This, in turn, will help the Climate Lab team make prompt use of the data, and give you — and your students – quick feedback in a form you can use for teaching and learning, as well as reporting to interested audiences.  
This Selector should be used in conjunction with your planning to use Climate Lab curriculum materials.  The current versions of the 5-day curriculum, the 3-week curriculum (from which you can select specific pieces as needed), supplemental activities, and other resources for students and teachers, can be found at the Climate Lab Home Portal.
Remember, the Climate Lab has three main goals:

  1.  Get students involved in actual field research.
  2. Help them learn the science of climate change, and how it's affecting where they live.
  3. Make use of their results for authentic scientific purposes — for Climate Lab researchers, and many others. 

When you have made your selection, please go to the form linked here to let us know what you're doing, and when you're doing it. Thank you!

  • Annual Photo Post
  • Phenology Observation: Changes to a single feature



  • Transect
  • Leafout/expansion
  • Lilac
  • Twigs
  • Phenology calendar: One to three species
  • Insect leaf damage
  • Caterpillar abundance
  • Invasive species census: One to three species



  • Phenology calendar: Multiple species
  • Invasive species census: Four or more species

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