Low-effort projects

  • Quick to set up 

  • 1-2 observations

  • Simple reporting

  • Simple record keeping

  • Minimal data management

  • 1 classroom discussion

  • Minimal teacher PD required

Phenology Observation: Changes to a single feature (e.g. first flower, first bird sighting, first frog call)
Estimated time required: 

2 full class periods (to contextualize the activity, debrief at end) with 5-min student observations in between

Research Questions: 

When does the phenological feature appear?

How does it compare to other measurements — in other locales, and in prior years?


Science Practices: 1,3,4,7, 8

Annual Photo Post
Estimated time required:

Half a period to contextualize and teach the protocol;  one class period to discuss data;  time for uploading data to site.  Optional additional classroom time, see  protocol for details 

Research Question: 

How does the site change with the seasons, and year after year?


Science Practices: 1, 3, 8

NGSS and MA Standards: 7.MS-LS2-4 

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