Value of data: The Lilac Study is a classic, international, long-term phenology study. The data will be of value in at least 4 ways: First, they will add to your site's growing longitudinal data set. Second, they will contribute to Manomet's research on local species' response to climate change. They will be useful as a contribution to national or regional phenology projects, such as the National Phenology Network's Nature's Notebook. Finally, your annual data reports will add to the massive study that has been conducted by people in all walks of life around the world for the past several decades.

Estimated time required:

3 class periods +student observations (number and frequency depends on phenophase chosen for study)

Research questions:

When does the phenological feature appear?  

How does it compare to the timing seen in other locales and in prior years?


Science Practices: 1,3,4,8

NGSS and MA Standards: 6.MS-LS1-3, 7.MS-LS-4, 7.MS-LS2-1,8.MS-LS1-5