Title: Green-Down Protocol
Grade Level: All
Source: GLOBE

Curriculum Materials:
Protocol (PDF)
Data Sheets
Field Guides
GPS Guides


  • Observe when leaves change color at the end of the growing season
  • Compare leaf color with colors in the Plant Color Guide
  • Identify tree species native to your area
  • Examine relationships between greendown and climate factors
  • Predict when the end of the growing season will occur for upcoming seasons
  • Compare color changes of different plant species
  • Communicate project results with other GLOBE schools
  • Collaborate with other GLOBE schools (within your country or other countries)
  • Share observations by submitting data to the GLOBE archive


  • Grass Green-Down Field Guide and/or Tree and Shrub Green-Down Field Guide
  • Tree and Shrub Green-Up and Green-Down Site Selection Field Guide and/or Grass
  • Green-Up and Green-Down Site Selection Field Guide
  • Tree, Shrub, and Grass Green-Down Data Sheet
  • Green-Up and Green-Down Site Deļ¬nition Sheet
  • Flagging tape, 1 label per student
  • Compass
  • Camera
  • Pencils
  • GLOBE Plant Color Guide
  • Green-Down Data Sheet
  • Fine-tip permanent marker

Students monitor the change in color of selected leaves of trees, shrubs, or grasses.

All the resources required (data sheets, guides, etc.) are available on the GLOBE site. Data collected by GLOBE participants is added to the general database for collective analysis. Educators interested in participating in GLOBE need to attend special workshops (schedule and registration available through the website) relating to the activity in question.

  • Whether the data are entered in the GLOBE database or not, a possible extension activity, if resources allow, would be communicating with schools in different parts of the world, both on the same latitude and not, to compare seasonal change data as an illustration of global climate variability.

State Framework relevance:in progress