Title: Budburst Protocol
Grade Level: All
Source: GLOBE

Curriculum Materials:
Data Sheets
Field Guides
GPS Guides


  • Observe Budburst
  • Examine relationships between budburst and climate factors
  • Compare phenological patterns among species
  • Predict the timing of budburst for upcoming seasons (advanced).


  • Budburst data sheet
  • Budburst definition sheet
  • Budburst definition field guide
  • GPS protocol field guide (if using a new site)
  • GPS protocol data sheet (if using a new site)
  • Binoculars (optional
  • GPS receiver (if using a new site)
  • Local tree identification guide
  • Flagging tape
  • Pencil, paper, etc.

Students identify one or more trees at a designated site, recording what the dominant species is, and flagging or taping the selected trees. Students observe the trees starting two weeks before expected budburst (based on past data, if available), and increase the frequency of checks to daily once the buds appear to be swelling.

An optional advanced/extension project is analyzing additional climate data to predict future budburst dates.

All the resources required (data sheets, guides, etc.) are available on the GLOBE site. Data collected by GLOBE participants is added to the general database for collective analysis. Educators interested in participating in GLOBE need to attend special workshops (schedule and registration available through the website) relating to the activity in question.


State Framework relevance: