Curricula and activities

These activities are from a variety of sources. Each link contains a summary of the activity, and its relevance to the science education standards of every state in New England. At the bottom of each curriculum summary page, there is an "add comment" link. If you have any thoughts, we'd love to hear them. If you've used the activity in question, please let us know how it went! If you have any suggestions or comments for the project staff, you can contact us here.

Note: While the materials for GLOBE activities are available to all, any educators who wish to participate in the overall data collection efforts for which the activities are designed must register with GLOBE, and undergo some training.

Follow the links for full descriptions, and to comment on the activities.

UCS Early Warning Signs

Blooming Thermometers

Budburst Protocol

Signs of Change, Studying Tree Rings

Changes Close To Home

Operation Ruby Throat

Off Base

Exploring Regional Differences in Climate Change

Green-Up Protocol

Green-Down Protocol

Seasonal Change on Land and Water

Your Town in Past, Present, and Future

Global Warming - Early Warning Signs. Exploring Climate Change Impacts

Design a Regional "Eco Park"

Changing Planet: Withering Plants - Stressing Over Lost Water

Changing Planet: Infectious Diseases