A team of ecologists and educators at TERC is developing a climate change education program for New England that
• Emphasizes biological evidence of climate change
• Links natural phenomena to social and cultural changes in our region
• Coordinates formal and informal educational resources, including schools, nature centers, media outlets, and citizen groups
• Complements existing climate change education efforts in the region.

TERC, Inc. is a nonprofit institute founded in 1965, and located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, dedicated to the improvement of inquiry-infused science and mathematics learning and teaching. We develop curriculum materials, teacher professional materials, and educational software and hardware, as well as serious gaming environments. We create and maintain online learning communities, and conduct research on teaching, learning, and school reform. We have been developing materials and programs relating to climate change since 1989.

Biosphere and Climate- New England (BAC-New England) is a project of TERC's Center for School Reform (terc.edu/csr), currently funded by TERC as an institutional initiative. The project is led within TERC by ecologists and researchers Brian Drayton, Ph.D. and Gillian Puttick, Ph.D., with assistance from Abe Drayton.

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