May 9th, 2011

As it stands, we are facing what is likely to be centuries, if not millenia, of a much hotter planet than the one we evolved on. The sooner we address the main source of our contribution to global warming, fossil fuels, the sooner we'll be able to focus on adapting to the changes, and looking at bringing down the planetary fever. A multi-century effort is a daunting prospect, but a recent analysis of the warming event 56 million years ago indicates that it may not have lasted as long as we originally feared, a result which shines another ray of hope on our own situation.

California home values increase by the cost of installed PV systems

375 mile EV battery confirmed

Cheaper hydrogen fuel cells: utility of non-precious-metal catalysts documented

Google invests $100M in (another!) wind farm

Progress on renewable liquid fuel through solar and wind power

U.S. farmers mostly avoiding negative impacts from global warming, so far

Models predict that climate change won't harm wind energy production

Saline "leakage" in Agulhas oceanic current could counteract the effects of Atlantic meltwater, and stabilize the Atlantic overturning circulation This is especially good news, if confirmed, because it will make deep-sea oceanic de-oxygenation much less likely!

Why clean energy can scale today (blog post)

Clean energy "job boom" in Michigan

Offshore wind power capacity to boom in the next six years

Transparent photovoltaic cells turn windows into solar panels

Solar-thermal flat-panels that generate electric power AND electricity

Surge in solar panel installations on UK household roofs

Genetically engineered viruses used to help in nanotech photovoltaics

"Green crude" grown from algae