Zoombinis Android Info

Known Technical Issues

Current version.

The latest version of Zoombinis is 1.0.4 - this was a November release, fixed several bugs, and added captioning in both English and Spanish.

Zoombinis won't run on my hardware.

Sorry, our game development engine has certain minimum requirements and some devices don't meet those specs. We've excluded the devices we know about in the Play Store but with over 9,000 devices in existence we can't catch them all. Please request a refund (see below) and please let us know what device you're using. Thanks.

I'm having issues installing Zoombinis (if you have an SD card).

There can be issues if your device has an SD card and you try to install Zoombinis on it from Google Play (other apps can have this issue too). Try unmounting the SD card, installing Zoombinis, then remount the card.

Zoombinis freezes on the load screen.

We've had a few reports of this and are looking into it but do not have a solution at this time. If you'd like to request a refund, please see below - we'd appreciate any details you can send us including device and version of Android. Thanks!

Zoombinis is buggy on my Kindle Fire HD.

Our official version for the Kindle Fire HD is now out. Please request a refund from Google Play (see below) and pick up the Kindle version!

I can't find the credits.

There should be a small link to the credits in the upper right of the Options window; some devices are not showing it, we're looking into it.

Some puzzles are unsolvable in a way that all Zoombinis can't get through.

Some puzzles can just be really hard, but if you think you've spotted an issue in the logic, please email us at support@terc.edu and include as much detail as possible including your device info and screenshots if possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

I remember the Zoombinis have "feet" sounds as they move - will those be restored?

This is still on the list of things to do. The sounds were in our earlier builds but in scenes where multiple Zoombinis were moving it resulted in a cacophony.

It's hard to play on a small screen!

We recommend a 6-7" screen although we have players using a 5" screen with a stylus. If it's not working for you feel free to request a refund (see below).

I'm a Kickstarter backer but didn't get my download.

Contact us (see below) and we'll take care of you.

What about the two Zoombinis sequels - Mountain Rescue and Island Odyssey?

We would like to do the sequels, but that work depends on how well the tablet version of the game does.


Within 2 hours you can request a refund from Google Play directly. After that contact us for a full refund - please be sure to include your Google Play order number. We reserve the right to refuse refunds more than 1 week after purchase. Email support@terc.edu or use our Contact Form. Thanks!

Contact Us - Bug Reports, Feedback, Comments

Email us at support@terc.edu or use the Contact Form.