About TERC

TERC’s mission is to improve mathematics and science education.

For more information on TERC, please visit our main Web site at www.terc.edu.

For years, TERC - a not-for-profit math and science education entity in Cambridge, Massachusetts - has developed, researched, and produced a wide range of educational materials in a variety of formats. We are now pleased to be bringing a number of these materials and experiences into the app format.


Zoombinis is a logical puzzle game in an adventure setting.

For assistance with Zoombinis, see our Support page. 

To contact us, please send us a message




EarthLabs is a collection of earth science educational modules and visualizations in app format. It is free in the iOS App Store.

See here for more information on EarthLabs.

Quantum Spectre



Quantum Spectre, Ravenous, and Impulse are a series of games done by the EdGE - the Educational Gaming Environments group at TERC. They are available for free in the iOS App Store, Google Play, Amazon, and on the web.

For more information about Impulse, Ravenous, and Quantum Spectre, see EdGE at TERC.

Signing Math Dictionary in American Sign Language

Signing Science Dictionary in American Sign Language

Signing Math Picture Dictionary in American Sign Language

Signing Science Picture Dictionary in American Sign Language

The Signing Series of apps are a combined effort of TERC and VCom3D.

Download at the App Store. For more information about the Signing Math and Science American Sign Language apps, please see the Signing App website