Classroom Observations and Numeracy Definitions


Activity 1: Read and Watch




Read the following articles:



Watch the following video:



Activity 2: Respond

Please respond to the following questions. Post your response to the Discussion Board by clicking the image to the right.


  • How did the classroom instruction in the video exemplify instruction for numeracy as defined in the last paragraph of the Schmitt article, which reads: “Numeracy is about making meaning of mathematics, at whatever level of mathematical skill, and mathematics is a tool to be used in a variety of applications in both education and life. “Numeracy is not less than mathematics, but more” (Johnston & Tout, 1995)”?


Activity 3: Reflect in Your Journal

  • What did you notice about teaching to support increasing numeracy?  How might this influence your practice or your program?
  • How does the problem in the video and the discussion of it fit with your definition of numeracy?