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Estimation – What Good Is It?
by Donna Curry That’s a good question: what good is estimation? After all, aren’t tests are just looking for the right answer? Let’s explore this idea, but first try this quick test-like question: Were you able to immediately find the answer because you knew that 2 x 80 is 160? Or did you get out … Continue reading Estimation – What Good Is It?
Ten Mathematical Facts You Won’t Believe! Number Six Will Shock You!
by Sarah Lonberg-Lew Mathematics and its history are rich with surprising events and results. Here are ten mathematical tidbits and stories you won’t believe! (And some of them you shouldn’t believe because they aren’t all true — see if you can figure out which ones are! The answers are at the end.) 1. Pythagoras (he … Continue reading Ten Mathematical Facts You Won’t Believe! Number Six Will Shock You!

The Four Big Ideas, first developed during the Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy (TIAN) project and further developed in Adult Numeracy lnstruction (ANI) professional development, are key components of (AR)2.

These four overarching big ideas are:

• Math as Communication

• Math as Connections

• All Strands of Math at All Levels

• A New Definition of Math Proficiency (conceptual understanding, adaptive reasoning, procedural fluency, strategic competence, and productive disposition)