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What the Pandemic Has Taught Me to Value
by Melissa Braaten Then, of course, COVID hit and I was left sitting in my kitchen and wondering how on earth I was going to continue to teach math without any of the tools and skills I have come to rely on.  If you asked me previously about remote learning for math in adult education, … Continue reading What the Pandemic Has Taught Me to Value
You’ve Heard of Digital Literacy. What about Digital Numeracy?
by Donna Curry For too many of us in the United States, the definition of literacy is simply the ability to read and write. We supposedly include numeracy in that definition, but it is usually overlooked. Teachers will often say things like, “I’m a literacy specialist” or “I teach literacy.” When we hear those terms, … Continue reading You’ve Heard of Digital Literacy. What about Digital Numeracy?

The Four Big Ideas, first developed during the Teachers Investigating Adult Numeracy (TIAN) project and further developed in Adult Numeracy lnstruction (ANI) professional development, are key components of (AR)2.

These four overarching big ideas are:

• Math as Communication

• Math as Connections

• All Strands of Math at All Levels

• A New Definition of Math Proficiency (conceptual understanding, adaptive reasoning, procedural fluency, strategic competence, and productive disposition)