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Teaching Math to ESOL Learners: A Reflection
For this installment we’re featuring a special guest blog by Sister Margaret Lanen of Notre Dame Education Center in South Boston (http://www.ndecboston.org) When I was asked to teach a math class once a week this year, I was most willing. I taught algebra, geometry and advanced math in high school for many years and thought … Continue reading Teaching Math to ESOL Learners: A Reflection
What Does It Mean for Math to Be Relevant to Adult Learners?
by Melissa Braaten When I am trying to prioritize my curriculum and to build buy-in from my students, I am always trying to think about how to make the math relevant to them. But what does relevance mean?  Is it relevant for someone to learn math that they might use someday in a career they … Continue reading What Does It Mean for Math to Be Relevant to Adult Learners?

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